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I receive lots of very warm feedback from the people I have had the pleasure to give an energy healing to. Below are just some…

“I’d gone through a lot of emotional turmoil and stress in the previous 9 months when my husband had become seriously unwell.   My first energy healing session with Mary was a really interesting experience, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but even just sitting chatting in the room with her before the session started I felt release of a lot of built up emotions, I shed quite a few tears, and then as she started the treatment I became very relaxed and could feel the energy being moved around my body.   Over the next couple of treatments and the time in between, I felt that I was much more relaxed, happy and confident.  I am sleeping much better now also.”  

 KC, Director of Wine Company, Ayrshire

“Mary is a very innately gifted, warm and intuitive healer. Her  background in yoga and her more recent training in healing make for a very knowledgeable base to understand multiple aspects of the human condition from the emotional to the spiritual and beyond. A wonderful experience each time I have visited her and  always come away with insights and breakthroughs that follow on. I can recommend Mary completely.”            

LM On-site Massage Therapist Glasgow

“After my healing sessions with Mary I was able to allow much more power, joy and love into my life.   Relaxing while my whole being is sensed, understood and accepted through Mary’s clear intention.   Her knowing and connection is very strong. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to have healing sessions.   Mary helped me experience how loved and appreciated I am by Source energy.   In practical terms that means I am living happier, calmer, more creative, more productive than ever before.   I can much better serve my career, my family…and life is great!   Thank you Mary! “

Mairi W  Paediatrics Hospital Doctor

“Thank you, Mary, for your remarkable healing hands. I never expected to experience such a long lasting change in how I feel but here I am, months on, feeling ever more positive, emotionally strong and healthy. As I said….remarkable. Full of gratitude.” 

MM, Cleveland

“I attended healing sessions facilitated by Mary, and whilst I practice yoga with Mary on a regular basis, this was my first experience of this type of healing.  Mary helped me to feel at ease quickly and explained what she would be doing in advance.  Each session lasted approximately one hour and by the end I was surprised by how much more energy I had.   I also received feedback from my partner and friends that I looked as if I had more energy.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel better in themselves or to simply reduce the effects of everyday stress and pressure that occur in daily life.” 

HR Director – Glasgow