About me

I’m Mary Laidlaw and having taught Hatha Yoga since 1996, I remembered how I was introduced to it.  In 1991, a friend asked me to a seminar in Glasgow.  I said “Yes”… this experience made me feel I’d come home – my body knew it. I loved it!  That was my first step on a journey of Healing Energy.

At the time, I was a working as Human Resource Manager at Cameron House Hotel, Loch Lomond, as well as bringing up my 3 children.  Yoga and meditation helped me to juggle my busy life, bringing a strength to my nervous system I hadn’t felt before.  Regular practice gave me stamina and resilience in the face of everyday stress.

I moved to Scottish Enterprise Ayrshire as a Tourism Executive and later on became a self-employed consultant engaged by Scottish Enterprise.  For 10 years, I advised organisations on their journey to the Investors in People standard, as well as training and developing managers in their people skills.

Throughout these years I taught a regular Yoga class and loved sharing the deep, rejuvenating state of total relaxation where healing can take place.  When my marriage ended after 27 years, another friend introduced me to an Energy Healer in Glasgow.  The support and depth of those healings, over a 5 year period, helped me to make changes and I was able to move forward in a positive light.  During my marriage, I had moved house so many times (to date it is 29!) so I am no stranger to starting again.

Looking back, it feels like ‘synchronicity’.  When I moved house in 2008, I set up a Yoga class and met the extraordinary woman who was to teach me Integrative Energy Healing.  We began gently with Creative Workshops that included meditations and art therapy.  In the last few years, I have qualified with a Certificate in Energy Healing and more recently with a Certificate in Spiritual Healing.

My spiritual journey began in childhood as the fourth of five daughters.  We grew up in Manchester, surrounded by lots of aunties, cousins and grandparents.  I enjoyed the rituals of the Catholic church, especially singing in the choir with the vibration of the Latin Mass.  At Notre Dame Convent my teenage years were nourished by singing and I realised how free my spirit felt in a choir.  Out of this foundation, I have explored connections to the Mystery Traditions and am open to my spiritual nature unfolding in song, silence and stillness.  This led to me spending my 50th birthday in an Indian ashram in the Gujarat and celebrating my 60th at Shantivanam in the Tamil Nadu.  Chanting in Sanskrit uplifted my heart and I continue to chant regularly,both in my personal practice and teaching chanting in yoga workshops.

I want to share this gift of healing that has helped me so much.  I have been taught a natural process to let go of things that no longer serve me and have moved into more of my true self.

I bring a grounded, loving and safe space to my healing work.

Mary Laidlaw
March 2022

Mary Laidlaw doing yoga meditation.
Mary Laidlaw yoga teacher and energy healer.