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Yoga Workshops

All my workshops are at Bridgend Community Centre, Kilbirnie KA25

Usual times for all workshops is 9:45 start 12:45 finish unless otherwise stated. I’d be grateful if students arrived 10 minutes before to get settled.

You will need to bring mat, blanket, cushion or block and small water bottle. Refreshments are included.

Cost: £20 / £15 Students and low-waged.


Contact me for information on upcoming workshops.



In this workshop, we will explore what constitutes health.  Patanjali says ill health makes us dull!  We will contrast energetic & mindful health.  In traditional yoga texts, there is the Kleshas, mental toxins, and Samskaras, emotional toxins.  Health is then approached from what needs to be done  so that we can feel whole.  What do we need to let go of to move forward?

Pranayama, meditation, kriyas & posture work will all be practised.  As usual, we will end with Yoga Nidra, a profound guided relaxation. You will leave feeling more radiant in mind and body ready to embrace whatever life manifests.

Standing poses reflect back to us something about our willingness to connect to the earth, resulting in balance & confidence.  Forward bending takes us into our past, teaching us to let go.  Backward bending helps us move forward with Grace & freedom.  Inversions turn it all upside down and yet integrate the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual.

Come and experience and examine!  Yoga Nidra to finish.  Namaste


Happy New Year, Namaste everyone!

Within each of us is the seed of the creative aspects of all things.  This aspect of ourselves has the power to create the year you wish to experience.  Be not the victim of your life circumstances but rather the creator of them.  Awaken the power inside you!

Every experience we have can be contracted or expanded by learning the mastery of our breath.

We will practice Pranayama, extended breathing techniques, which can have immediate effect on your well-being and can be easily incorporated into your daily life.  You will notice if you practice these techniques, you will change the relationship with yourself and therefore with the world around you.

We will also go a little deeper into yoga postures, to establish a sense of centre and stability.

Whether you are a recent beginner or have been practising for years, you will be able to modify the postures to suit your body and I will help with that.

Finally, we will finish with Yoga Nidra a deep relaxation that is balancing and healing for the mind, body & spirit.