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Free yourself from Physical & Emotional Pain with Energy Healing

Are you seeking relief from physical or emotional pain?

Integrative Energy Healing sessions can help when you are facing pain or uncertainty, as it can feel as if your life is on hold.  So whether you are looking for relief from a particular ailment, such as backache or anxiety, or simply to find a new meaning in your life, I will help you restore physical and emotional balance through energy healing.

I work to heal imbalances to allow you to heal yourself, by using one-to-one sessions and hands-on healing techniques. 

If you are housebound or would prefer not to travel I can provide distance energy healing sessions. The great thing about these healing sessions are that you receive the healing from the comfort of your own home. You will receive the exact same healing as if you were in person.

Private Energy Healing sessions image

My aim is for you to achieve a state of union, integration and healing on all levels:
physically  mentally  emotionally  spiritually
My practice is inclusive and I welcome people from all backgrounds/abilities and none. Wherever you find yourself in life you are welcome, whether to a private healing session, a yoga class, or a yoga and meditation workshop.


" I wasn’t sure what to expect, but even just sitting chatting in the room with Mary before the session started I felt release of a lot of built up emotions... Over the next couple of treatments and the time in between, I felt that I was much more relaxed, happy and confident. I am sleeping much better now also.”